An Ohio man has been charged after he assaulted another dude's nuts. Jackie Pierce was trying to get money out of Willie Cannon back in May of 2013, and really wanted Willie to know he was serious, and kicked him in the testicles repeatedly, and then took Willie's money.

Not only is Jackie being charged with felonious assault and robbery, but since Willie later died, Jackie is also being charged with murder!

Willie didn't get to a doctor apparently, and his testicle was ruptured, and quickly became infected, and gangrenous. He died less than a month after his assault.

How the F*** do you go through your day with a ruptured testicle? It's a ridiculous amount of pain when someone just grazes your balls, and a little kick can make most men cry and vomit. Guys aren't known for dealing with any kind of pain around our junk, so for this guy to just go on with his life with a ruptured nut seems kind of...well, nuts.

Doesn't make it less of a murder in the eyes of the law, though. Get more info at Fox 17.