In the first 11 days of 2023, 34 vehicles have been broken into Kent County, with many of the thefts happening in one area of Grand Rapids.

Kent County Sheriff's Office Warns of Vehicle Break-Ins

Following a rash of car break-ins at senior living communities this past weekend, the Kent County Sherriff's Office is issuing a warning to residents.

Car broken window

Police say they are continuing to see cars in parking lots broken into day and night. So far this year, 34 cars in Kent County have been broken into, with numbers totaling 471 in 2022.

In addition to retirement centers in Grand Rapids Township being targeted, police have also seen an uptick in thefts from vehicles parked at gyms along the 28th St. corridor in Cascade Township.

Yet ANOTHER Robbery This Morning

At 10a.m. on Wednesday, January 11, a witness saw a car's window being smashed - picture below - and a purse stolen from a vehicle in a business parking lot in the 1100 Block of East Paris.

Kent County Sheriff's Office
Kent County Sheriff's Office

The suspects were described as two younger black males, one wearing a dark-colored "puffy coat". The two sped off in a maroon-colored SUV. The Kent County Sheriff's Office is actively working on the case.

Car Break-Ins Tied to Car Thefts in Grand Rapids

Kent County Sheriff's Office says that stolen cars are often used during the commission of these break-ins. Thieves are breaking windows if they see anything sitting out inside the vehicle.

They remind residents to remove all personal belongings from vehicle - if you have to keep anything in your car, keep it out of sight.  You should also park in a secure location or as close to a building or security camera as possible.

Kent County Sheriff's Office continues to investigate car thefts, which have also been on the rise in the area.

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