I always find those stories crazy -- where a woman doesn't know she's pregnant until she's in labor -- and that's *sort of* what happened to this West Michigan woman.

You're probably thinking "how do you sort of know?" Well, Nicole Ziesemer, of Grand Haven, went to the hospital thinking she was going to meet her new daughter but then she saw double when a second baby was ready to enter the world as well.  Fox News says that after doctors went to stitch the new mom up is when they discovered another head!

...baby Cade was born 59 minutes later.

They believe baby Cade was hiding behind his twin sister, Blakeley.

Ziesmer told Fox News in an interview that there were no signs throughout her pregnancy that she was having twins. She also only had one scan during the 36 weeks she was pregnant because she was planning on having a natural birth, with a midwife. Plans derailed when her water unexpectedly broke.

The babies were born on December 30th, and since then, the new parents found out that twins and triplets runs on Mom's side of the family.

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