People may second guess being an anonymous tipster after a Kent County Sheriff spilled the beans to a suspect on who turned him in.

According to WOOD TV, Kent County Sheriff's Department say a huge mistake was made when an officer coughed up the name of an anonymous tipster to a suspect.

The Sheriff's Department received a 911 call offering up information and where a suspect was located who was wanted on a pile of outstanding warrants from an anonymous tipster. Police followed the lead which led to an arrest.

The suspect had an idea that a family member may have turned him in so while in the police cruiser he asked the officer if the tipster have an area code from outside of West Michigan. That is when the officer made the mistake and confirmed the suspect's suspicion. The tipster specifically asked to be anonymous. The whole conversation was captured on video in the patrol cruiser.

When the suspect was released on bond, he confronted the anonymous tipster and threatened her.

The suspect allegedly told the woman, "We got you. You're busted. The cop told me everything."

The Kent County Sheriff's Department said the mistake wasn't intentional and that the officer apologized.

The Sheriff Department does not want this one incident to deter people from making anonymous tips to the Silent Observer. Make tips to 616-774-2345 and police will not give out a tipster's information.


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