I know its getting warmer out and you may be thinking of jumping in to the Grand River, not a good idea since high levels of E. coli has been detected.

If you are fishing, you may want to have gloves on to remove fish from hooks. If for some reason you fall out of the boat, keep your mouth closed and when you get on shore get those clothes off (get home first) and get a shower immediately.

River samples were taken on June 3 at Kent Street in Portland and Bridge Street in Saranac by the Ionia County Health Department. There were super high levels of E. coli found in the water and at this time officials are not sure why there is an elevated level.

Health officials have called in the big dogs to take a further look at the water conditions. The Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes and Energy will be taking further samples of the water to determine the cause and when it may or may not be safe to get into again.

Until further notice, the no body contact for the Grand River in Ionia County is in effect.

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