Twitch and YouTube personality Nik Nocturnal is back to react to our Loud List of the 10 Greatest Deathcore Bands.

“Loudwire released a video without my consent,” Nik accurately says. “I also made a list of Top 10 Greatest Deathcore Bands. I forgot what I put on it. Don’t worry, it doesn’t matter.”

Nik agreed with a good portion of our Top 10 list, but the YouTuber and musician took exception to Born of Osiris landing a spot on our list. “Are they a deathcore band or are they a djent band?” Nik asked on his Twitch livestream. “Born of Osiris is a Sumeriancore band. It has deathcore elements, it has djent elements. I get why it’s here, but I think BOO have always been more of a progressive djent band with deathcore elements than a deathcore band, so I do disagree with this one.”

Nik did appreciate the inclusion of Infant Annihilator, who made No. 6 on our list. “Infant Annihilator do not get the credit that they really [deserve],” he raves. “‘Cuntcrusher’ sure, because of the drums, but they’ve done such crazy deathcore stuff that never really gets the love it kind of deserves in the scene, to be honest.”

Nocturnal also had some opinions on us placing Suicide Silence at No. 2 instead of No. 1. Who made the top spot and what did Nik think about it? Watch below to find out!

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Nik Nocturnal Reacts to Loudwire's Deathcore List

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