Twitch and YouTube personality Nik Nocturnal is back to react to our Loud List of Totally Dangerous Mosh Pits.

If you’re at a metal festival in Europe, you may want to clear the pit when Dagoba is playing. The band’s walls of death have become legendary on YouTube, and Nik found himself in awe of the crowd-driven insanity.

“That looks like it was painful,” Nik says of a 2014 Dagoba wall of death, but when the video switched up to a 2019 Dagoba wall of death, the sheer volume of humanity left the streamer golf-clapping.

A New York City Madball show is destined to leave a few people bruised and bloodied. In fact, Nik questioned if this one could even be considered a pit. “This is actual battle! They’re straight-up just punching each other! That’s not moshing, that’s physical contact sports at that point.”

A wild Slayer show in California actually forced police to retreat from one of the pits, and it was all caught on camera. “They don’t know what to do!” Nik laughs as the cops fall back. “They’re like, ‘Oh hell no, I don’t get paid enough for this.’”

Watch Nik react to the most dangerous mosh pits in the video below.

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Nik Nocturnal Reacts to the Most Dangerous Mosh Pits

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