Twitch and YouTube personality Nik Nocturnal is back to react to our Loud List of Musicians Talking About Spotify.

“They would start with Lars [Ulrich],” Nik said about the opening of our video. “The video is invalid unless is starts with Lars. I had a feeling he would be in here, but I didn’t know he would be the first frame.”

After watching a 2013 clip of Ulrich praising Spotify and its CEO Daniel Ek, Nik questioned the reality of the Metallica drummer’s comments. “Am I in the bizarro world? What did Lars just say? He loves Napster 2.0? That’s basically what Spotify is! … He was not a fan of Napster, we know that. Spotify… the only difference is that maybe you’ll probably get less viruses.”

Nik had a good laugh when KISSGene Simmons popped on the screen. During a Fox Business interview, Simmons went off on Spotify, going as far as to claim the streaming platform was killing the next Beatles.

“I mean, yes and no,” Nik reacted. “Also, the new bands, although they make less money, they have so much more opportunity to actually get people to listen to their stuff. It’s much easier to get your music out there as a new band because of things like algorithms through Spotify or through YouTube or through people reacting and using copyrighted material and people listening to the song for free. You’re not always gonna buy a CD of a new band.”

Nik also had some praise for Corey Taylor and David Draiman’s takes on Spotify, so check those out in the video below.

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Nik Nocturnal Reacts to Musicians Talking About Spotify

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