I spent my Thanksgiving at Ford Field to watch the Lions attempt to compete against the best team in football right now.  From my 2nd row seats I settled in for the afternoon for what I thought was gonna be a shoot out by two high-octane potent football teams but after Smith went out with an injury and Suh decided to do some foot stompin',  about the only thing I had to look forward to was the Ford Field crowd reaction to the half time entertainment Nickelback.

You see, all I had heard all week was about some on line petition that some NB haters were trying to get signed to keep Nickelback from playing.  I think a petition to keep Aaron Rodgers  from playing would've been more effective but what do I know, I paid hundreds of dollars to sit watch that debacle of  a football game.  Anyway, mercifully half time arrived and I whipped my phone out to video.  Note odd set up of staging as it omits about 3/4 of the stadium from even seeing what the hell is going on but I did manage to capture the crowd reaction when they were introduced.

The guys in Nickelback took the the noise in stride too with a humorous video on the topic.  What did you think?  Should Nickelback have been kept from performing or would you have rather signed a petition to keep Aaron Rodgers from playing?