In the early 90s, I remember playing this crazy game called 'Shadow Warrior', and laughing my ass off at all the funny stuff the character would say while killing people. 'Who want some Wang?' was my favorite.

Oh, the character was named Wang, so that's why it's funny. Get it? Wang, wang...nevermind.

Then, a few years ago, a Polish company remade the game with updated graphics, and it looked great.

Now, their working on the sequel, 'Shadow Warrior 2', and the gameplay looks freaking AMAZING! The gore and blood, the creatures, everything looks so good!

They've improved the action, so where you could dismember people in the last one, you will now see cuts on the enemies bodies where you actually cut them. They've got more weapons, upwards of 70 of them, the levels are bigger, and now your guns will make holes in your enemies!

I just hope they kept the spirit of the original game, with funny quips and things that the characters says. Otherwise, it'd be like playing Duke Nukem without the sexism and bad humor. Just can't be done.

Check out why the original was so awesome:

Here's a review of the remake:

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