Sorry in advance for destroying all hopes you had of being productive today. Find the Invisible Cow is easily the most addicting new game on the Internet. Just tell your boss you're going home now, because once you start playing, you'll probably never stop.

Find the Invisible Cow is a remarkably simple concept: you look at a blank screen and try to find the invisible cow. But what makes the game awesome is the audio cue the game provides. As you get closer to the location of the cow, a voice yells "COW!" louder and louder, until you've finally found the cow.

Whether you get addicted to the rewarding "Moo" once you've found the cow, the ability to test your cow-finding skills in Expert Mode, or the additional unlockable animals, Find the Invisible Cow is definitely a game that will consume you. Step aside, Skyrim, there's a new sheriff in Addicting Game Town.

You can play the game for yourself here.

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