The incredibly terrifying Silent Hills Playable Teaser has already scared thousands of gamers. Now, YouTubers Oddest of the Odd have turned Silent Hills P.T. into an actual, real-life version of the demo, and it's even scarier than before.

There are some minor differences, particularly in the layout of the house. Obviously, it would be tough to find an exact replica of the Silent Hills P.T. house, and the real-life version gets the details that really matter correct enough (the things in the bathroom, the contents of the hallway tables, etc.).

The completion of the "I can hear them calling to me from" puzzle (and the hellishly red level that follows) are particularly well done. Probably the best part of the entire mini-movie centers around its ending. No spoilers, but I far preferred the video's ending over the actual P.T. ending. The mini-movie ends on a more Silent Hill-y note, and I think it really ties in P.T. with the franchise and what the game could have been.

And actually, the fact that the movie version takes place in "real life" gives it an even more ominous tone. As a gamer, you still have puzzles to solve, and you can make your own decisions within the game or even stop playing if you need to. In the movie version, you're helpless to the character's movements, and you can only hope they'll make the right decisions.

You can watch the movie version of Silent Hills P.T., as well as actual gameplay footage, in the videos below.

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