Sam Adams' newest beer packs way more than just a punch that it's illegal in 15 states.

The Boston beer company announced the release of the 11th batch of its barrel-aged extreme beer, Samuel Adams Utopias. Extreme indeed, this beer has an alcohol content of 28%! 15 states including Arkansas, Idaho, North Carolina, & Oregon have banned it from being shipped or sold because of the high ABV. However, being the states that can outdrink most of America, the beer is not banned in Michigan.

In its press release, Sam Adams says they only made 777 wooden casks of it and has been aged up to 24 years. So what does 28% beer taste like?

The ruby black, uncarbonated 2019 Utopias is reminiscent of a rich vintage Port or fine Sherry, challenging drinkers' expectations of beer while getting better with age: drinkers can enjoy a portion of Utopias now and save the rest for other occasions.

But the more important question... how much does a 28% bottle of beer cost? This one will set you back $210. Samuel Adams Utopias will be a limited release in a 25.4oz custom copper decanter. Basically you fancy af with this bottle.

Samuel Adams

It will first be released at a tasting event at Sam Adams' tasting room in Cincinnati on November 15th. After that, you'll be able to find it at specialty beer and liquor stores.

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