Some people will just do anything for love.  And in the case of this New Mexico "couple", we really mean ANYTHING.

Monica Mares, 36, and her son Caleb Peterson, 19, are facing 18 months in prison because of their relationship. But why? What could cause a couple to get busted simply for being together? Well, Monica is Caleb's biological mother. She gave birth to Caleb (then Carlos) when she was only 16 and gave him up for adoption.

The mother and son got in contact last year over Facebook and met for the first time last Christmas when Monica picked up Caleb at his adoptive father's house. The relationship blossomed from there. They both revealed that they had feelings for each other, but much different than the typical mother/son relationship. They decided to be together... like as a couple.

The police soon found out about their non-traditional relationship and the couple was arrested and charged with incest. A no-contact order is now in place until their case goes to trial in September. Monica and Caleb both say that their relationship is worth going to prison for, and they will if that's what it all comes down to. Until the trial, they are living separately.

What the hell?!

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