Love ramen? A new option for ramen with traditional Japanese flavors and some fun fusion twists is coming to downtown Grand Rapids.

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NOODLEPIG is opening soon to 601 Bond Ave NW. Their aim to transform the ramen shop concept into a hip, quick-eats service restaurant, allowing for fully customizable ramen bowls.

Not only does it sound like they'll serve up some delicious food, they're also helping to end child hunger. For every bowl of ramen purchased at NOODLEPIG, three hungry children are fed: one right here in our community, one nationally, and one abroad. NOODLEPIG plans to partner with organizations like Hand2Hand, Faith In Deeds, and Team No Kid Hungry to make this happen!

Here's how NOODLEPIG describes their food:

Here, we do things from scratch. We make our own unique ramen noodles, we take our time producing our nutrient-rich bone broth and we only use fresh, high-end ingredients because you deserve nothing less. I’m so excited for you to experience my ramen dishes which includes traditional Japanese flavors and some fun fusion twists. Choose from our signature menu or build your own bowl, there’s really no wrong move here.

Check out NOODLEPIG's menu here and find out more about their plan in the video below!

NOODLEPIG will also offer fresh ramen with real ingredients to-go, so all you'll have to do is add water! They plan to have delivery too.

Some lucky folks got to try NOODLEPIG's ramen already! The restaurant participated in Start Garden's Demo Day in September, competing to be one of the final ten that would walk away with $20,000. Now, they did share to social media that unfortunately they did not make it into the top ten - but they say they had a lot of fun meeting the public, and they sold out of all 100+ of their ramen samples in the first hour! The great news is that NOODLEPIG is still on track to open! So when, right?

NOODLEPIG says the plan is to open this winter. Stay tuned to their Facebook page for information on their grand opening and potential pop-ups around Grand Rapids!

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