Monday March 26th is not just any other day... it's Oberon Day! A day that gives us hope that summer is just a sip away!

The release of the popular craft beer by Bell's Brewery is anticipated every year. Not only do bars around Michigan celebrate the release, but all around the country parties are thrown in honor of the delicious brew.

With that being said, if you're looking to get in on the fun but need an excuse to get out of work [or any type of responsibilities] for the day. Try this excuse note signed by Bell's.

See? Totally official.

Even if it doesn't get you out of work... don't let that stop you from kicking back and having a cold one. These following West Michigan places have events planned for the release:

March 26th
  • Logan's Alley (Grand Rapids)
  • Gravity Taphouse & Grille (Grand Rapids): Oberon & donut for $5
  • 7 Monks Taproom (Grand Rapids)
March 28th
  • Peppino's (Downtown GR)
March 29th
  • Vitale's Pizza (Zeeland)
March 30th
  • Salvino's Ristorante (Wayland)

& if you happen to be in Kalamazoo on Monday, Sweetwaters Donut Mill will be selling their Oberon doughnuts beginning at 4 a.m. This also includes their Battle Creek location.

Oberon will also be available for purchase at stores on Monday. You can find Oberon (or any other Bell's beer) using this beer finder.

Enjoy it while you can, the seasonal beer is only available through the end of August.


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