During your lifetime, really RARE moments will occur to you. I have been playing the Final Fantasy game series for over 15 years and have been hearing the familiar music from Final Fantasy in that time. Heck...even my ringtone on my phone is from Final Fantasy. Then I got an email asking, "Hey, I see your a fan of Nobuo Uematsu, would you like to interview him and his new group Earthbound Papas?" My mouth dropped to the floor...Gamers? This is for you!

Earthbound Papas is the new project from famed composer of Final Fantasy Nobuo Uematsu. It is a mix of progressive rock and metal. Basically, the music from Final Fantasy, Blue Dragon, Lost Odyssey, and some originals made into some bad ass rock! They have released a debut album named "Octave Theory" which is available now on iTunes. Here are some highlights from the interview!

Where did the name Earthbound Papas come from and did it have any relation the 90's RPG Earthbound?

"There is a band called King Crimson, that came out with an album named Earthbound. The inspiration was basically taken from that, and then modified by me to tie it all together with Papas."

Since now there is the Earthbound Papas, what is in store for The Black Mages?

"Black Mages is no more...and they haven't been around for about 2 years now. The reason that The Black Mages is no more is because Square Enix told us to quit because of the name relation to Final Fantasy."

I asked the members Earthbound Papas what some of their inspirations to create music were, bands that spanned from Genesis, (early) Metallica, Deep Purple, Mr. Bigg, and even Toto. Had much influence on the members that are in Earthbound Papas. I then decided to ask Nobuo personally, what was the most difficult piece of music to write for a Final Fantasy game.

Surprisingly, he replied that his most difficult song he ever wrote for Final Fantasy was the super smash hit "One Winged Angel," from Final Fantasy VII.

Check out the FULL INTERVIEW BELOW as many exciting questions were asked! How did they start? Nobuo dreams of being a professional wrestler? Where do they want to play in America? Why was 'One Winged Angel' difficult to write?

It was one hell of a pleasure to interview these guys, and defiantly something, I will never forget.

Lastly, want to be on the NEXT EARTHBOUND PAPAS ALBUM?!?! Click here to find out!