It's a wrap on an awesome Upheaval Festival 2023 in Grand Rapids, Mich.! It was an AMAZING two days of incredible rock at Belknap Park.

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Dorothy took the main stage on Friday, July 14, and afterward singer Dorothy Martin was kind enough to sit down and chat with GRD.

Tommy Carroll, WGRD
Tommy Carroll, WGRD

I'd read that Dorothy likes to get off tour bus and explore. She said she often will go for jogs in the cities in which she's touring.

I've seen a lot of cool stuff. Great river walks, great restaurants, art museums. Just the local people, little shops, beautiful parks - those are fun to run around on...

Earlier this year Slash joined Dorothy onstage in LA for "Gifts From the Holy Ghost".


Mike Clink who produced Appetite for Destruction asked if I'd like to do a song for Musicares, it was a triumph tribute. I said yes because I'm in recovery and... Musicares has been very supportive and helpful to me... He obviously knows Slash, so they were like 'Hey want to do some other things?' which I can't really talk about right now and we invited him to play a song with us at The Troubador just because we'd kind of all gotten to know each other. And we've never played that song and I'm like kicking myself because I forgot the words, but he did great and no one was looking at me anyway, so it doesn't matter.

Dorothy recently collaborated with Nita Strauss on the song "Victorious".

Dorothy says,

This has been like my feature year, my year of collabs. And there's a few more that aren't known in the public yet... I'm very, very excited that the song [Victorious] has  been picked up by a lot of the MMA shows.

We talked about how Dorothy got into making music in the first place. She explains,

 I always like to sing when I was younger and I didn't know that I could be a songwriter. I didn't really go to school for it, I just kind of learned as I went. But I really didn't get into music until a little later in life...For me it was just 'What am I going to do with my life?' And I have a weird past, I want people to know if you think you have a dark past and you've made mistakes, you can always turn it around.

Considering we were at Upheaval, Grand Rapids rock festival, I wanted to know, if Dorothy had her own festival, who would her three headliners be?

Oh gosh, this is such a tough question... Nirvana. This is so hard... Audioslave. Gotta throw a chick in there.... Susie and the Banshees.

Listen the full interview below!

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