I was able to surprise my little boy this weekend with a brand new puppy.

My son has been wanting a dog for a few years now but with work and my band there was just no way. I'm not playing music full time anymore so this allows me to be at home more which is important for my son and my job.

I had been thinking about getting my son a dog for quite a while and over the past few months I have been to a couple humane societies, spoke with some regional breeders, heck I even checked out Craigslist but I had no luck finding the perfect dog for my son.

A co-worker suggested I visit Barking Boutique who have a location in Grandville right near my mechanic and another in Kentwood. They have all their dogs on their website but I didn't see the right dog for my son and I.

I knew nothing about Barking Boutique until I went to their site but before that, I told my co-worker, "hey, I'm a hunting and fishing kind of guy who lives on a farm, that place doesn't sound like they will have the kind of dog that I would be looking for." My co-worker said, "keep checking, their dogs change all the time."

A black lab popped up who was the most perfect looking dog and, labs love water, my son loves water, this could be the dog.

I was still a little hung up on the name Barking Boutique. When I paid them a visit to see the dog I was blown away at their expertise. They gave me full disclosure on the puppy, I was able to research the breeder. The pup comes from an amazing line of champions. I have a copy of all of his medical history as well and feel I know everything about the dog, his parents and his health history.

I was also very impressed with the people that worked at Barking Boutique. They gave me all the information I needed to help me make the right decision and on top of that, they answered all my questions and trust me, I had a lot of them. Taking on a puppy is a big responsibility for anyone and I wanted to do this right and they have helped so far every step of the way.

My son and I had looked at the website a few weeks ago just to look at the dogs. I wanted to see if there was a type of dog he would gravitate to and low and behold when he saw the black lab he was excited, especially when I told him after the fact that labs love water.

So over the weekend, I took my son to Barking Boutique, I blindfolded him and walked him in and someone from Barking Boutique placed the puppy in my sons arms. It was a pretty amazing moment for my son and I and one neither one of us will never forget.

It was fun to watch them together all weekend, following each other and playing. My son is a really good helper with the bathroom breaks for the puppy and keeping him busy to burn off that energy for those long puppy naps.

My son helped me set a crate in my office so the dog would be alone all day and could be cared for while I work. I tell ya, I have my hands full for sure but this little guy will give my son and I a lot of joy for many months to come.

My son named the lab Jake, I think that is a fine name.

Here is a video of the surprise and below are a few pictures that I took. It was pretty cute when the two took a short nap together.


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