If you live in Muskegon city limits, don't miss out on this little bit of money savings, because you're eligible for two free parking passes for the year at Pere Marquette Beach.  But time to get your free passes is limited and getting close to the deadline.

Each resident living within city households is eligible for two annual passes to the largest beach in the city, for free. WZZM says the passes are for residents only and not for those who only own a business within city limits, meaning you live outside of the city.

WZZM reports If you want your two free passes, you only have until April 30th to go onto the city of Muskegon’s website and request your free parking passes which can then be mailed to you or picked up at the police department.

Parking at Pere Marquette Beach will cost you $7 during the week, Monday through Thursday, and $10 Friday - Sunday. If you’re a non-resident, WZZM says you can buy an annual pass for $20.

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