Samantha Gentz, a postal worker in Muskegon, has been sentenced to two months in prison and 18 months probation for stealing a military veteran's prescription drugs and other packages along her route.

WZZM-13 reports that the victim, veteran Laurel Hill, spoke in federal court Wednesday before Goetz was sentenced. 

Hill said,

“You had the audacity to do this to a veteran with a disability. That shows exactly what kind of person you are Samantha Rose Gentz. You don't deserve a slap on the wrist. You don't deserve just probation."

The Navy vet was taking the medicine to cope with her service related disability, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

She says while off her meds, she experienced hallucinations and suicidal thoughts.

In April, Gentz plead guilty to a federal charge of unlawfully opening mail.