Muskegon County Sheriff partnered with Newaygo County Sheriff to locate and bust a high dollar theft ring that not only affected people in those two counties but also Kent, Mecosta, Branch, and potentially Lake, according to Fox 17.

Police caught a lead when investigating a vehicle that had been stolen from Drummond Meat Processing Co. in Ravenna.  During their investigation business in Newaygo County had video footage that clearly showed the suspect and their vehicle, so once they forwarded that to the Newaygo Co Sheriff department and they posted on their social media, it didn't take long before they had a suspect in custody.

Fox 17 reports that during the interrogation, not only did they recover the stolen vehicle, but also over $150,000 in stolen items, including trailers, construction and power tools, campers, and even a tractor.   So if you've had any of those things stolen in the recent past, the police may soon be contacting you to let you know they found your stuff.

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