Kudos to you for hanging on this long after the year we've had, but it's not quite over yet, so consider this beer the reminder to get you through the rest of 2020.

Pigeon Hill Brewing Company, in Muskegon, partnered with Wesco to create "Donut Stop Believing" -- a limited edition doughnut beer. The doughnut flavor is inspired by Wesco's Long John, a chocolate frosted doughnut with a vanilla cream filling.

A beer that tastes like a chocolate doughnut? This is speaking right to my belly. In a Tweet from Wesco, they describe it as a light ale with some chocolate notes and a hint of creaminess.

If you too are intrigued, the beer is now available for purchase in a six-pack of cans. However, you'll want to get yours soon because they are only available for a limited time and are only being sold at 24 Wesco gas stations in the Muskegon-area.

The beer has 5% alcohol and retails at $10.29. However, Wesco will be doing a November/December promotion and offering two 6-packs for $17.99

The owners of Pigeon Hill Brewing told MLive the concept came about when Wesco approached them with doing a collaboration. Other flavors they considered for the beer was Wesco's apple fritter or coffee before deciding

Wesco may be where you stop to get your gas, but they are well known for their donuts and their popcorn. The popcorn is basically famous on it's own. Hmmm... could this mean another potential mashup in the future? Popcorn Beer would unquestionably be interesting on the palette.

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