Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens is coming out December 18th, and movie theaters are making sure everyone can get tickets with a million showings, but don't expect to show up in full costume and get in. Masks and simulated weapons aren't going to be allowed in a lot of theaters.

AMC theaters will be banning masks from the theaters, so all you Jar Jar Binks fanboys will have to leave your ridiculous masks behind. Sorry. You also can't bring in a blaster, so Han Solo is out, too. Because HAN SHOT FIRST. He's not the role model for a theater full of people.

You can bring your lightsaber for the film, as long as you turn the damn thing off during the movie. The last thing anyone needs is the stupid thing waving around making sounds and hearing someone screaming, "Wooo! Star Wars!"

Cinemark theaters have gone a little farther, banning masks, blasters, face paint, AND lightsabers from their theaters. Which means you'll have both hands free for the soda, popcorn, and candy, so that's a bonus.

There's nothing listed as far as I can see on the Celebration Cinemas website, so you might want to call and see if there are any restrictions before you suit up for the movie!

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