MoshPit Nation...a local grassroots groups letting you know what is going on in the world of heavy metal locally. Looking for a heavy metal show to check out? MoshPit Nation has the hook up for you. Last month, they put on a huge 2 day rock festival named "Hard Rock n' Metal Fest at Morelands." Now, MoshPit Nation brings another big festival specifically for METAL...BOOT CAMP!

BOOT CAMP will be taking place in Stanton, MI at Morelands Motorcross Park...right in the middle of Michigan. It will be a 2 day event FULL of local Michigan Metal bands from all around the state! If you think it is all just music, you are wrong.

Camping, BYOB, affordable and delicious food on site, Recoil Magazine on site, glass blowers, dodge ball, bean bag toss, drunken obstacle courses, and tons more!

Bands currently on the bill are: Flood The Desert, Hokiri, A Sleepless Malice, 6 Prong Paw, All Ends Black, The Severed Process, Kill Tomorrow, Execrate, Culldera, Bury The Silence, From Hell, and more to be booked!

This is a weekend you will never forget and is just a ton of fun for all of us metalheads, so be sure to check this out. All the info, updates, and ticket info is here.