Every new Mortal Kombat game works really hard to out-gore the previous game, and so far, is succeeding! They evolved into other options, like Babalities, Animalities, etc., but still the most exciting thing MK has is the Fatalities.

The X-Rays are pretty brutal, too. So, to celebrate the release of the new Mortal Kombat X, here's a cool video put together by IGN, of all the Fatalities and X-Rays (so far). In glorious HD, so you can see all the gore and violence in High Definition!

The testicle-smashing fatality is just too much, though. I mean, seriously, WTF?

This seems to be the new selling poing for the games. No one talks about the amazing gameplay, or the story...just the characters and their Fatalities.

So, the game marketers have taken the bull by the horns and use this to sell the hell out of the new games. Genius!

They're also using some cool music for some commercials, too.

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