Local mixed martial arts promotions are popping up everywhere as the sport grows in popularity. With that edict, these small time campaigns need fresh ideas on the table to bring new fans in and attract a loyal audience. This is where "Backflips and Beatdowns" takes the cake.

Not only are your awesome senses tingling because two slightly above average men fighting each other in a cage, but then dirt bikes come flying over the cage doing crazy stunts. Clearly, the developers of the Backflips and Beatdowns promotion know how to bring people into the arena, and that is by sensory overload.

The only problem with the fledgling promotion is it appears their first and only two events have only taken place in the metropolis known as...Montana?

As you can see in the video, the fights and motorcycle stunts do not begin at the same time which must posit the question, "Doesn't it scare the crap out of the fighters when motorcycles come flying over their heads?"

It must be acknowledged, too, that the number of fans in the seats far outweigh that of most promotions. Take a look at another low level MMA promotion WITHOUT dirt bikes and see how many fans they get. And this is in MONTANA!

You have to wonder where the focus of the audience is. Do you watch the backflips and other nonsensical stuff the motorcycle riders are doing or do you keep your eyes on the main attraction, two surely overweight, out of shape guys who have played too many video games?

Note how close the seats are to the actual ring with the fighters, as well. We can only assume the qualifications to hold one of these events in Montana is more than 50 percent of your teeth from allowing people that close to the action.

What say you, fight fans? Backflips and Beatdowns a legitimate promotion? Would you go see it? Sound off below!