MMA fighters have one job - beat the crap out of their opponent until they're unconscious. Referees have one job as well - to determine exactly when a fighter becomes unconscious and is no longer able to fight.

One of those people completely failed at their job in this video.

In a fight between Chad George and Mark Vorgeas this week, the official failed to notice that Vorgeas was out cold during a brutal shoulder choke. George let go of his opponent once he stopped fighting back, exclaiming to the ref that he was out.

Amazingly, the ref yelled back to him, "no he's not", as Vorgeas was laying on the floor completely motionless.

In a showcase of great sportsmanship, George refused to continue his assault. It took a few more seconds before the ref declared the fight to be over.

Come on man! You had one job!

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