Mitch from Wayland called me today to talk about the Allegan County Fair show with Royal Bliss, and Mutual Live. Somehow, as they always do, the conversation got onto movies, comic books, and other stuff, like it always does when we get together.

Mitch, Dean, and I try to go see movies when they're in town and have time, not spending their time with family and friends. We've seen quite a few movies together, and we talk a lot about them. We have problems, we know.

So when Mitch and I start talking, we just fall into those patterns, and we talk a little about the new comic book movies, his thoughts, the death of Superman, and his favorite comics.

We even learn that yes, Mitch totally does the Bane voice when he's wearing his workout mask.

Get your tickets and come party with us tomorrow at Allegan County Fair, with Royal Bliss, and Mutual Live. It'll be a great show!