Metalhead Ned Beer? I could get behind that! [Photo:][/caption]Every Thursday, I have been going to Fairlanes Bowling in Grandville and participating in the WGRD Bad Bowlers League! It started about three Thursday's ago and we have been having a blast!

Did you know that you can still join us?

There is still space left on the WGRD Bad Bowlers league for your team of 4 to join!

We bowl every Thursday at 6:30pm and always have a good time! Plus I have discovered that Fairlanes makes a massively delicious pizza! I'm serious, I have had bowling center pizza before, but these guys make it very well!

Sign up your team here! Just make sure to select WGRD from the pull down menu, or give them a call at 616-534-2695

Also at the league, I bring some sort of prize EACH WEEK for you to win! What could it be? Concert tickets? T-shirt? Who knows! You'll have to join to find out!