For over a year, a Detroit family thought their cat Bogie was lost forever.

Then they recently got a call that Bogie had been found-- in Hawaii!

KHON2 reports that about 19 months ago, the family was moving from Hawaii to Michigan, when Bogie escaped from his kennel on a United Cargo Hold Flight.

The cat ended up on the streets of Oahu, were he met Bill Antilla, a volunteer who feeds stray cats with Hawaii CatFriends, a nonprofit group.

Antilla says he took note of Bogie, a Siamese, because he looked like a purebred and and was friendlier than most feral cats.

He thought to check the cat with a microchip scanner, and it turned out Bogie was microchipped.

The Hawaiian Humane Society was able to trace it back to a family in Detroit, Mich.

Once that happened, contact was quickly made with the family. Atilla said, “Probably about 30 minutes later, I received a call from the daughter. She was just ecstatic we found Bogie."

He added that is why microchipping is so important:

“If he wasn’t microchipped, he would not have made his way home."

Bogie is now at home with his family in Detroit.