One million dollars will be directed to the city of Lansing in order to keep the Capitol building more secure.

I will never forget that day that a bunch of armed protesters entered Michigan's Capitol building armed with semi automatic weapons. That and what happened January 6 at the nations Capitol are two memories that will never go away in my head.

According to FOX 17, Lansing Mayor Andy Schor is thrilled about the money that will be diverted to help with policing the state Capitol. Schor said, "these are state allocations from the state budget, so our leaders and advocates are there working in the state."

With all the protests that have been happening at Michigan's Capitol building, it puts a strain on police in the Lansing area and with the new funding more officers can be distributed at the Capitol and around the city.

Lawmakers need to be able to safely do their job at the same time police in Lansing need to be able to protect their city and have enough resources to protest the state's Capitol.

When these large armed protestors show up, it takes a lot of resources to keep things under control. Luckily so far no one has fired a weapon at one of these protests making things elevate to a highly unsafe level for all those involved.

FOX 17 reported that Lasing Police Department Captain Robert Backus said, "we haven't decided on what the money will be used for specifically.

There is an additional $75,000 dollars that will be coming to Lansing to help solve cold cases. Currently there is only one detective that is handling 85 cold cases so hopefully that person will get some help.

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