As we roll into the new year, you may be thinking about changes that you need to make, maybe it's saving money, or cutting out some bad habits, which makes the info released by interesting and perfectly timed.

Apparently a lot of us love to grab drinks with coworkers after work, says Michiganders spend almost two grand a year on after-work drinks; $1,741 on average to be exact, which is about 650 beers, a year, after work.

If you're thinking of cutting back to save money, that's some good news, and about the cost of a cool vacation, maybe?  If you're doing it because omg, that's a lot of drinks after work, it's not... compared to the rest of the country. In the info from, Michigan is actually way under the national average which is $3,035.  OK, maybe not WAY under, but still below the national average, so that's cool. Kentucky spends the most at $5,530 on average, so we are WAY below them.

Some other stats, courtesy of

  • 1 in 3 workers think after work drinks is good for team bonding.

  • The average after-work drink session lasts 1.8 hours. 

  • 1 in 10 workers drink shots during after-work drinks.


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