Do Michiganders love red things specifically? Apparently, publishers of a Japanese textbook seem to think so.

Recently, a Twitter user by the name of Lance Henderstein shared a photo that he claims is from a Japanese textbook.

The blurb is specifically about Michigan and, honestly, isn't far off base. According to this Japanese textbook, Michigan is, "The 11th largest state in the U.S. and is famous for cars and the Five Great Lakes." The paragraph goes on to say that, "Many fruits are grown here, too. Cherries and apples are the most popular." Read the full blurb below:

The last sentence, "Maybe people from Michigan especially like red things," is grabbing and certainly something to chuckle at. We could blame it on something being lost in translation but, are they wrong?

We obsess over apple picking, apple cider (which isn't itself red...but still), and, like the textbook says, our stores are filled with cherry everything in the fall. Perhaps Michiganders really are obsessed with red things.

Although, everyone knows that Gala apples are the best apples out there. McIntosh apples can, kindly, have a seat.

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As a suggestion, maybe the updated Japanese textbook could also mention our obsession with giant food. There's 5 you can see right now in Michigan:

Or, it can talk about our latest internet craze...a news anchor out of Detroit doing a live report while skateboarding:

Or how Michigan has the only pizza vending machine in the United States:

See? There's plenty of things Michigan can be famous for besides our "obsession" with red things. With that being said, I'm off to plan my next apple-picking adventure.

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