It seems as if this Valentine's Day lots of Michiganders might be confused about how their significant other feels about them.

In honor of the holiday that celebrates love, CenturyLinkQuote found the Most-Googled Relationship Question in each state over the past year. And for the second year in a row, Michigan is still Googling "does she love me?" I said it before and I'll say it again... probably not. I get it... Dr. Google usually has all the answers but if you have to ask a search engine if she loves you, that's a little bleak.

Michiganders definitely aren't the only ones asking if they're loved, though. Arkansas is wondering "does he love me?" while several states have some variation of "does he/she like me?"

When it comes to the most Googled relationship question overall, 11 states need help on how to break up with someone and 9 states are wondering "am I in love?" Ironically, the study found that Nevada & Oklahoma asked "am I in love?" more than any other question, and they just so happen to be the top two states with the highest divorce rates in the country.

Now that I think about it, it's not only Michiganders who seem to be confused this Valentine's Day, it's all of America!


As a very vulnerable side note, I find it funny that I stumbled across this study a day after I Googled "do I have commitment issues?" Andddd I most definitely do. Hopefully by next Valentine's Day, we'll feel a little more positive about ourselves and our relationships♥

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