The bus for the Grand Valley State University women's basketball team got stuck in the snow on the way to a game against Northern Michigan University in Marquette late last week.

The team didn't let that minor inconvenience stand in its way, and took matters into its own hands.

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In an interview with Fox Weather, GVSU women's head coach Mike Williams said that attempting to navigate the bus through approximately 16" of fresh snow in the U.P. caused the team to face a bit of a time crunch on its way to Northern Michigan University in Marquette on Thursday. The bus driver, Brenda Barr, suggested calling a wrecker to pull the bus out of a snowbank, but Williams led the team outside to try to push the bus out first. They lucked out, as evidenced in the Instagram video below:

Not all the team pushed, according to Williams. A couple members stayed on board to film the fun from inside, while a couple more amateur videographers documented the event with their cellphones from outside.

According to Barr, the vehicle was actually stuck on a sheet of ice, so the bus was unable to get the traction it needed to move despite the typical attempts to rock the bus or put kitty litter under its tires. The team's pushing made all the difference.

GVSU Lakers' forward Hannah Kulas described the unexpected turn of events as a decent pre-game workout. The Lakers went on to beat the Wildcats 45-38, notching Grand Valley State's 17th win of the season.

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