Zoey Harrison may only be nine years old, but she has a bigger-than-life personality and can consider herself an entrepreneur. The special needs girl from Ithaca and her parents have created a 'Body Coat' which fits into her wheelchair and makes it much easier for Zoey to bundle up in a hurry.

In the video below, John and Jennifer Harrison explain how Zoey is a miracle baby. Born with cerebral palsy, doctors predicted that she would never walk or talk.

John Harrison notes that Zoey -- one of nine children the Harrisons have adopted -- is bringing joy to lots of kids through the invention of the Body Coat.

"She brings a lot of joy to people in our family and our community," John Harrison said of his daughter, Zoey. "Now maybe she's going to bring some joy to people all over the world."

Since it takes Zoey so long to get ready for recess in the winter, she asked for her mom's help.

"I asked my mother to make me something I can wear that doesn't take long to put on so I can play with my friends at recess," Zoey tells WZZM.

After Jennifer created a prototype, she posted a video online and suddenly had about 25,000 requests for the product. She immediately applied for a patent and is marketing the product under the company name X-Ability -- with a logo that crosses out the 'dis' portion of the word disability.

"See my ability, not my disability," said Zoey.

The Harrisons have created a Facebook page and a website where they sell the Body Coat.

"I saved recess for myself and a million other people," Zoey tells the TV station.

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