The Mitten State has another has another reason to brag! In addition to its honors for beer, wine, and scenic drives, Michigan is now also getting props for its good looking ladies!

Clover, a dating app, has ranked the cities and states where the most attractive males and females live. Michigan came in as the No. 8 state for hottest women!

So, how did they come up with these lists? According to Clover,

Clover developed a proprietary scoring system able to accurately assess a person's level of attractiveness. Using this system, Clover analyzed its data to see which cities and states across the US had the most attractive users."

I'm not entirely sure how legit that sounds... but hey, they found Michigan to be full of attractive ladies!

Um well, except for Detroit. Detroit came in at No. 9 for least attractive women...

Oh, and No. 7 for unattractive men.

As far as ugly dudes though, looks like California has the most unfortunate looking men; even though the state as a whole ranks No. 6 for least attractive men, four California cities made the list.

Where do the most beautiful men and women live according to Clover? Connecticut is where the hot ladies are, and Montana is home to hunky men, apparently.

Here's Clover's full lists of Top Cities and States by Attractiveness- 2015. What do you think of their rankings?

Most Attractive Women:


Least Attractive Women:


Most Attractive Men:


Least Attractive Men: