Mac & Cheese is a staple side dish (yes, only considered a side dish) in my household.

As a young kid, it was a priority for me to learn how to make the best and most gooey mac & cheese. I must say that I have achieved that goal.

So, I crown myself the "Queen Of Mac & Cheese."

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However, I may have to give my "mac & cheese" crown over to this Michigan restaurant.

Credit: Canva
Credit: Canva

The Eat This, Not That! staff published a study to show their viewers what the best mac and cheese across the United States is for each state.

Eat This, Not That!, with the help of Yelp, found different businesses and restaurants with the most amount of reviews that mentioned macaroni and cheese.

For the state of Michigan, Eat This, Not That! gave the best mac & cheese award to Union Woodshop in Clarkston.

According to the website:

"Sometimes you want country-style favorites that don't add pretentious touches to tried-and-true recipes. If the mood strikes for some classic barbecue, Union Woodshop offers up sumptuous chicken, ribs, and the best mac and cheese in all of Michigan. Even though their take on mac and cheese only comes as a side dish, it may still be one of the best you've ever had."

As the "Queen of Mac & Cheese", this mac & cheese from Union Woodshop looks like a 10 out of 10 hit.

The crispy top and oooey gooey cheese are sending me to mac & cheese heaven.

Plus, they have different additions to their mac & cheese. The Stuff of Legend mac & cheese was the August Mac of the Month. It has pulled pork, ham, bacon, caramelized onions, and jalapenos.

Now that we have found the best mac & cheese in Michigan. It is only right to judge some of the other states' dishes.

According to the study, the best mac & cheese in Massachusetts is from Belmont Vegetarian Restaurant.

Sorry to all Massachusetts residents, this is not it. Mac & cheese needs to have gooey cheese. Sadly, their dish looks super dry.

I know Michiganders are not a fan of Ohio. Maybe we can settle for them having good mac & cheese.

The best mac & cheese in Ohio is at The Eagle in Cincinnati.

Their mac & cheese has five different kinds of cheese blended together with a crispy garlic breadcrumbs layer. That brings such warm and fuzzy feelings to my heart.

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