Bo Schembechler's mantra, while he was the coach at the University of Michigan, was 'The team! The team! The team!'. Well, I'm sure somewhere today he is proud.

Offensive lineman and team captain Andrew Steuber reported to ESPN this week, that the Wolverines went collectively to get their CoVid 19 boosters this week together, as a team.

So far this season, the Squad has avoided a team outbreak, and they seem to want it to keep it that way.

Regardless of how you feel about vaccines as a whole, it is reassuring to know that they came together as a squad and decided to collectively handle it as a unit.

I believe it's team first thinking that led this team to be in position to play for the National Championship, beginning in the Orange Bowl against the Georgia Bulldogs in Miami on New Year's Eve.

"The booster's out there now, we have a full team booster shot tomorrow, so that'll be good," Stueber told ESPN. "I think everyone understands the gravity of the situation, to have an outbreak now would be devastating to a lot of people. Understanding the concern there is a big thing, so we've taken the proper precautions there."

Stueber didn't give a specific figure, but stated that because the team has a number of players who have been vaccinated and are now getting the booster shot, they haven't lost any players out of practice due to COVID-19.

"That's definitely a growing concern of ours," Stueber said. "We implemented masks in meetings, maintaining social distancing. A lot of people are taking their meals to go, not really sitting too much. But, it's a lot safer now out there, a lot of students have left the campus."

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