Three West Michigan men were ticketed and could lose their fishing licenses for catching way more than the daily limit of Walleyes from the Detroit River.

Michigan DNR officers were alerted of the three men after someone saw them fishing and catching over the 5 per person, per day, limit according to MLive.  The officers then began patrolling I-96 looking for the vehicle, once found they pulled the truck over after the driver failed to signal while changing lanes.

When DNR officers asked the men, the driver admitted that they had “too many” fish, the MLive story reports.  Turns out the men had around 80 fish in their possession, again WAY over the 5 per person, per day limit.

MLive says the men who were from Byron Center, Allendale and Jennison were ticketed for being over the limit with fish and now have to wait to see if they lose their fishing licenses and if they’ll be fined for the extra fish, which is up to an Ingham County Judge.

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