I've heard complaints about Pokemon Go players-- that they are distracted, not paying attention to where they are walking, or even trespassing to hunt Pokemon.

In this case, a Michigan couple playing the augmented-reality smart phone game was able to help save the life of a dog.

The Detroit Free Press reports Patrick Awdish, 24, and his fiancee Katelyn Zack, 21, of Royal Oak, Mich. were out walking after going out to dinner. Awdish had recently downloaded Pokemon Go, and the pair decided to play while they walked to their next destination. Suddenly they saw flames.

Awdish told the Detroit Free Press, "We kind of walked by a house, and we thought it was a bonfire," but upon looking closer, they could see the house was on fire.

The couple placed a call to 911. Firefighters were able to put out the fire and save the 10-year-old dog, Stanley, inside.

Zak said, "Had he not wanted to play it, we wouldn't have been walking around over there".

The fire had started on a deck outside, and burned about 25 square feet of it.  Royal Oak Fire Chief Jim Cook praised the couple's quick thinking for saving the house and the dog.

The owner of the house, Randal Bishop, 40, said,

"They saved my house. They sure did. This whole 'Pokemon' thing is obviously a positive, in our aspect."

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