The Holland Fire Department is trying to figure out who the good samaritan was that helped save two people from the second floor of a burning house yesterday.

Fox 17 reports that they got a call around 9:54 am Thursday that there was a fire at 205 West 9th Street and two of the residents were stuck in the home.  When firefighters arrived on seven 4 minutes later, they were told the two people who were stuck in the house had been rescued and were safe, but that there was a dog still in the house. Fox 17 says firefighters were able to rescue the dog, which they found near a window on the second floor.

They had the fire under control within 15 minutes and are still investigating what caused the fire. The other thing they're looking into is, "who was the good samaritan that helped rescue the two people who were stuck inside?" According to Fox 17,  whoever the person was, they didn't stick around for any accolades or attention, including medical.  The Holland Fire Department is hoping that if anyone knows who the rescuer was, they'll call them and let them know the person's identity, because they are a hero, saving people's lives.  If you know who it was, call the Holland FD at 616-355-1020.

Apparently, there were also 5 cats that were rescued by someone, the story isn't clear on who helped in that rescue, but the 5 cats, 2 residents, and 1 dog are all safe.  The American Red Cross has set all the residents affected by the fire, up with temporary lodging, as reported by Fox 17.

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