Michigan band, The Accidentals, were on the road in Arizona this week when their trailer, full of all their gear, was stolen.

The band shared on Facebook that they were on the way to a show in Phoenix when the oil pressure light came on in their van. Thinking they wouldn't make it to their next stop, they stopped at a dealer in Tuscon to have it checked out and grabbed a hotel room next door.

When they came out the next day, their trailer was gone.

The Accidentals had brought some of their instruments inside the hotel, so decided to continue the tour. But the rest of their gear was stolen along with the trailer.


As they explained on their GoFundMe page, most of the gear was insured and they'll be working on replacing it. However, there were several things in the trailer that they say are crucial to their tour that were not insured: Speakers, cameras, merchandise, and more.

In just one day, 173 people helped The Accidentals reach their GoFundMe goal!

The band says they are overwhelmed by outpouring of love, concern, and offers of help they've received.

They're asking anyone who sees the two-tone trailer (pictured in Facebook post) to call 911 and mention the case number #1901220286 or call 1-520-791-4253 and mention case number #1901220286 MI PLATE D771365.