Have library card, will travel.

If you belong to a Michigan library, you have access to the new Michigan Activity Pass (MAP) program, which gets you into Michigan parks, museums, campgrounds and other attractions for free or at a discount.

MLive Media Group/ The Grand Rapids Press reports that representatives from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, Michigan Department of Natural Resources, Michigan Recreation and Park Association and The Library Network debuted the new program at the Kent District Library Cascade Township branch on Monday, June 8.

Suzanne Allen, from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan said,

"It's an economical way for a family to get outside or try some of the different programming you can do.Not everybody's going to run a marathon. I think this program offers people an opportunity to try different things as a way to be healthy."

MAP allows people who have library cards free or discounted access to 385 sites and several events.

Here is how it works:

Go to the MAP website and enter your ZIP code and other information, including the name of your library.

Select how far away you'd like to travel.

Then, a list of locations will appear. Choose which place you'd like to visit, then click "get pass". To complete the request, you'll need to enter your library card number.

You'll have a week from the time you get your pass to use it. There are a limited number of passes for each location; if your desired location is out of passes, organizers encourage you to explore and pick another destination on the list.

Elissa Buck, a representative from the DNR parks and recreation division, explains how MAP is different from the recreation passport Michigan residents can buy when renewing their license plate tabs,

"This is for families who have never been to our state parks before and are hesitant to buy that recreation passport -- or for families who can't spend that in their budget. We hope that people will come out and explore our state parks and use that opportunity to get active and enjoy our natural resources."