As it warms up, we are looking to hang out outside more... well, you literally can hang out in a hammock at these Grand Rapids parks!

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We've seen a lot of cool upgrades to Grand Rapids parks in the past few years, thanks to a voter-approved millage. Passed in 2019, the millage provides approximately $5 million each year for repair, maintenance, and new improvements to parks, pools, and playgrounds. Learn more about past, current, and upcoming projects here!

Those park improvements have included adding hammock groves to City Parks.

Last year, Brigg's Park was upgraded with a butterfly garden and hammock grove.

The space was reimagined by the Creston Neighborhood Association (and their Living Green in Creston Committee), Lions & Rabbits Center for the Arts and local artist Craig Rhyan Art.

City of Grand Rapids
Briggs Park - City of Grand Rapids

The garden features tall wooden structures painted in bright colors that function as public art, hammock posts, and places for caterpillars to build their chrysalides. Since the above photo was taken, native plants have been planted as well.

The interactive, functional installation, named "Connections", naturally flows within its environment to create a unique gathering space for the community.

Grand Rapids City Parks with designated hammocking posts include:

  • Briggs Park (324 Knapp St NE)
  • Lexington Park (48 Gold Ave NW)
  • Wilcox Park (100 Youell Ave SE)
Lexington Park - City of Grand Rapids
Lexington Park - City of Grand Rapids

You'll need to bring along your own hammock. Don't have one? No problem! The Grand Rapids Outdoor Gear Library has TONS of equipment you can rent for free, including hammocks!

Outdoor Games, Gear, and Equipment You Can Rent for FREE From Grand Rapids Gear Library

Grand Rapid Parks and Recreation recently added skateboards to the Thrive Outside Gear Library. Did you know about all the cool stuff you can rent for free? Just about anything you'd need for a camping trip you'll find in the Gear Library at Roosevelt Park Gym, plus team sports equipment, clothing, picnic supplies, even gear for cold weather activities too! The Gear Library is located at the gym at Roosevelt Park at 739 Van Raalte Dr. SW in Grand Rapids. The library is open on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 2:00 pm to 7:00 pm. 

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