You know when you have those moments where you just plant your face into your hands and wonder what the hell you just did?

I borrowed Producer Steve's SpotBot a few weeks ago and felt REALLY bad that I lost the brush that came with it. Feeling bad, I ordered him a new one and expedited the shipping.

Then Steve found something.

After presenting Steve his SpotBot back and his brand new brush, Steve came back into my office and showed me something that I felt so bad about losing.

Attached to the ACTUAL SpotBot itself, was the brush I could not find for the life of me.

How annoying is that?

So I decided to return it to Amazon. However, you have to pay to send things back! The total refund that I will be receiving?

90 cents.

Make sure to check every corner kids, this could happen to you!

Steve proving me wrong.. (Metalhead Ned/WGRD)