Fans of the Meijer LPGA Classic have yet to see any golf due to all the rain that has been soaking the course.

According to WOOD, the Meijer LPGA Classic is now on its 3rd rain delay for t-off for the first round of the tourney. Officials are hoping to get things started Thursday at 1:15pm. Fans have yet to be let into the gates because of the rain.

An official from the tournament has announced that a low pressure system moved across the course very slowly and dumped over an inch of rain on the course. So far the tourney has been delayed for six hours and this could go longer. Even though the heaviest of rain has passed, the golf course will still have to soak up that rain and drain a bit before t-time.

So if know of a reverse rain may want to start dancing now in order to get this golf tournament underway.

According to WOOD, golf isn't the only event that rains have put a damper on. The first Maranda Park Party of the year in Wyoming has had to make changes for their event. Lamar Park is offering a drive-thru version of the party while supplies last.

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