In July, I told you about the giant robot battle that's going to happen next year in Japan, and pit the two enormous battle bots against each other. Japan said they want the battle to include melee combat, so the American team needs to update their big bot to something that can fight...wait, you have a battle bot that can't...nevermind.

Anyway, Megabots has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise money to upgrade to their version two of their robot, so they can win in battle in Japan.

They've got some impressive advisors to help them, and they have the plans and the budget already figured out. They just need the money.

So if you want to see a giant robot battle next year between the USA and Japan, check out this campaign. Even if they don't hit their goals, they should take the robot and fight. Even if they know they will lose that way, they should do it, to get the whole thing going!

I just want to see these monster robots beating the absolute s*** out of each other!


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