Hello! I’m Laurenda, a part time Management student at Davenport University, a full time Accounting Assistant for a staffing company, and an agency represented model. I’m busy, but I love everything I do, including my work as an Alterna-Chick for WGRD!

I was born in Lansing, but grew up in Grand Rapids. I have grown to love our city and everything it has to offer. I started modeling professionally at the age of 8, shooting ads and commercials for local companies such as Meijer, Jacobsons, and Old Kent. After taking some time off to focus on school, I found an agency and created a strong network of photographers, stylists, and other models to help build my portfolio. These past few years have brought me dozens of opportunities including walking the runway during fashion week, filming commercials for Fitzgerald’s Men’s Store, Harold Zeigler, and The Wave, and being an extra in the feature film Touchback!

Some important things you should know about me: I have an unhealthy obsession with avocados, I like to run and participate in 5K races, I’m a huge Harry Potter fan, I read fantasy books, I’m going to live in Santa Barbara one day, I’ve been a home owner for 6 years, I am a health food nut, and as cliché as it sounds, I have a passion for fashion!

I love being an active part of the community. WGRD is always bringing the best music and events to West Michigan, and I look forward to meeting everyone along the way!

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